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New Film "What Happens in China" Nears Completion

Posted by Tyler Nickerson on August 12, 2011 at 10:45 AM

The team at Rad-X Pictures has reached the home stretch in their new film, What Happens in China. The film, directed by Tyler Nickerson, focuses on a group of teenagers from Quabbin Regional High School in Barre, Massachusetts as they travel throughout China. Based on a true story, the film takes place over the span of 11 days and features the cities of Beijing, Xi'an, Guilin, and Shanghai. The film is stimated to run roughtly two and a half hours and premiere in Barre, Massachusetts sometime this Christmas. Editors of the film report that they have edited 3 out of the 4 cities, and have now begun editing Shanghai. The editors use real footage and photographs taken by the students, and converts them into a theatrical format.

"The ending is sure to be very emotional," predicts Tyler Nickerson. "We're working our best to have the film finished and ready to premiere by December." The actual trip occurred between April 14 and April 24 at the beginning of this year, and editing has been in progress since May. "It's a very long process," said Nickerson. "You have to first make sure you have all the clips you'll need, then you must find the right music to fit the mood. You have to edit the clips, then render it. Finally you have to burn it to a DVD." Nickerson told the media that the film is being rendered in 4 parts. For those who don't know, rendering is the act of convert a multi-track video timeline down to a single playable file format. All of today's editing software has this capablity. Nickerson also mentioned that just Beijing alone (4 out of the 11 days) runs roughly 50 minutes. "I'd post content online," Nickerson added, "but that would just ruin the fun, wouldn't it?" I guess we'll all have to wait until the film is finally released this winter.

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