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Posted by Tyler Nickerson on August 16, 2011 at 12:25 AM

Here at Rad-X, we have been tossing ideas around as to what our next production will be. Here are a few concepts we came up with:

- The Nonsense Movie (A full-length adventure featuring Peabrain and Chris P. Bacon)

- DARE II (The Monster is back... only this time in disguise)

- Scary Stories (A group of friends share ghost stories around an open fire)

- A Crimson Christmas (A college girl becomes a vampire after meeting a mysterious young man who won't go away)

Scary Stories and A Crimson Christmas have already been considered... in fact, we already have a completed script for Scary Stories and the film was even attempted once. Unfortunately, it flopped. It doesn't mean we're not willing to try again! The Nonsense Movie and DARE II have just resided in our thought bubbles so far, and have yet to be attempted. It doesn't mean it can't happen though. Expect to hear from us on what our next project will be. See you then.

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